Rihanna Heats Up 'SNL' in Epic Performance: Watch

Rihanna Heats Up 'SNL' in Epic Performance: Watch

Rihanna didn't do any acting on "Saturday Night Live," but she did plenty of performing. The singer brought elaborate sets, costumes and lighting to her musical performances, and gave the audience one of the strongest visual spectacles of the "SNL" season.

In front of a spider web, Rihanna began her first appearance with "Birthday Cake" and ended up on "Talk That Talk." The laser lights were pretty impressive, even on the small screen.

Mick Jagger Hosting, Performing on 'SNL' Season Finale

With "Where Have You Been," Rihanna played the part of queen, reclining on a leopard print chair and flanked by dancers dressed in ancient Egyptian fashion. The costuming in her "SNL" performance was a bit different than in the song's swamp to desert music video, which debuted last week, and demonstrated the thought the singer put into her duties as musical guest.

Will Usher or Mick Jagger live up to Rihanna's example on the final two episodes of the season? We'll have to wait until May 12 and May 19 to find out.