Jack White Drives Fast Cars, Gets Arrested in 'Freedom at 21' Video
Jack White Drives Fast Cars, Gets Arrested in 'Freedom at 21' Video

Jack Jack White is looking a little blue these days.

The singer's face features a paler-than-usual hue in his new music video for "Freedom at 21," directed by hip-hop video-extraordinaire Hype Williams, which shows White landing in -- and escaping -- the slammer.

Opening with a lime green sports car, White speeds down the highway before he is caught by a sexy, motorcycle riding police officer donning thigh-high leather boots and super short shorts. After being cuffed and brought to jail, White finds himself in the company of an equally sexy cellmate, who seems to take a particular liking to him. While White remains fully dapper in a pinstriped suit, his new friend appears to have lost her bra. Poor girl.

The duo doesn't stay cooped up for long, quickly breaking free and engaging in another high-speed car chase, which doesn't seem to end quite so well.

"Freedom at 21" is the latest single off White's debut solo album, "Blunderbuss." The album, released April 24 via White's own Third Man Records, peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, Top Rock Albums, Top Alternative Albums and Top Digital Albums charts.

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