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Matchbox Twenty Tormented By 'Mean' Girl in New Video

Matchbox Twenty Tormented By 'Mean' Girl in New Video

"She's So Mean" is right: in the music video for Matchbox Twenty's first "North" single, the alt-rock stalwarts are just trying to play their catchy new song, but an angry brunette rips across their studio and wreaks havoc in a series of escalating events.

The mischievous lady begins by knocking over Rob Thomas' microphone stand and stealing a guitar from Paul Doucette. She then tosses records at the band like they're Frisbees, sets off firecrackers and zips around on a bicycle.

Eventually, the "Mean" girl gets into the studio's electric system, and sparks, ahem, fly. The cymbals are set ablaze, but the girl is nice enough to then douse the band with a fire extinguisher. Fortunately, the members of Matchbox Twenty manage to keep their cool, meeting her shenanigans with comically shocked reactions and some especially bug-eyed looks from Thomas.

"She's So Mean" comes ahead of "North," the pop-rock group's fourth studio album and first release in a decade. It's due out Sept. 4 on Atlantic Records. "Mean" sits at No. 74 on the current Hot 100.