Watch Pitbull and Shakira 'Get It Started' in Action-Packed Video

Watch Pitbull and Shakira 'Get It Started' in Action-Packed Video

If espionage, circular hotel rooms and Shakira singing with a gorgeous city backdrop all sound appealing, well, today is your lucky day. Pitbull's music video for his new Shakira-assisted single "Get It Started" offered spy games and shimmering shots of Spain upon its premiere on Thursday (Aug. 2).

The clip, shot in Madrid and Barcelona, begins with quick shots of scandalous happenings before the stars appear -- Pitbull pours himself a glass of vodka while cocking his eyebrow in a most Pitbullian manner, while a gold dress-clad Shakira powerhouses through the song's hook with a sunset in the background. Shots of grainy security tape footage spliced with club dancing make it clear that there's something nefarious going on here; then, a brunette woman appears to be trying to escape her man, but gets thwarted by his goons.

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Somehow, the woman manages to escape the villain once again, and it's revealed that she's leaving her man for none other than Mr. 305 himself. Scandal! The two speed off, and the video ends with Pitbull performing his new song to an enthusiastic crowd, with the brunette in attendence.

"Get It Started" is the first taste of Pitbull's next album "Global Warming," due out later this year. While the track has fallen off the Hot 100, his "Men in Black 3" anthem "Back In Time" is still going strong at No. 5 this week.