Ben Folds Five and 'Fraggle Rock' Team Up for 'Do It Anyway' Video

Ben Folds Five and 'Fraggle Rock' Team Up for 'Do It Anyway' Video

In what has to be the ultimate five minute anti-depressant, the '90s-favorite piano rock band Ben Folds Five has teamed up with the Jim Henson Company's jolly subterranean "Fraggle Rock" in the worlds-colliding video for the song "Do It Anyway."

BEN FOLDS AND FRAGGLE ROCK It's the band's first track since 1999 -- once they broke up, Folds dropped the Five from the name and continued making his own records - and the video also helps mark the Fraggles' 30th anniversary.

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Nerdist's Chris Hardwick helped make the video, and as he says, "If you walk in and you see Ben Folds and you see Fraggles dancing around, and your day isn't expontentially happier, you are dead inside." Comedian Rob Corddry plays the role of the sound engineer in the six-minute clip, and actress Anna Kendrick ("Twilight," "Up in the Air") is also featured.

However one receives the video, it is sure to generate less controversy than the Jim Henson Company's last collaboration, a puppet partnership with Chick-fil-A that turned sour after the fast food chain's president, Dan Cathy, admitted that the company is against gay marriage.

Below, watch the making-of the Ben Folds and "Fraggle Rock" video:

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