One Direction & Drew Brees Form Fake Supergroup: Video

One Direction & Drew Brees Form Fake Supergroup: Video

One Direction and New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees teamed up to promote Pepsi in an ad campaign released earlier this month, and Brees has now joined the U.K. boy band, forming supergroup 1DB.

In a new behind-the-scenes video, we see the rise and fall of 1DB, from it's inception to the downfall, when the boys of One Direction told Brees that it just wasn't working out. Watch the video below.

"There's a gap in the market for a sports star turned pop star, but I'm just not sure whether it's for him," Liam Payne said in his reality show-style confessional about the group's newest addition.

Added Harry Styles, "It's awful. He's too big, he takes up too much space, and he can't hold a tune."

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Brees, on the other hand, thought everything was running smoothly with the newly-formed 1DB, as he joined the boys onstage to sing their latest single, "Live While We're Young." "It's awesome being in the band," said the 33-year-old football star. "It seems like we're just becoming even more popular since I joined."

DREW BREES ONE DIRECTION BILLBOARD Showing off a Billboard cover featuring the boys of One Direction (although not their official U.S. cover), Brees pasted his own photo among the five U.K. members. "The band when it was just One Direction was on the cover of Billboard magazine, but then once I joined it, we went 1DB, which is much cooler," he explained, joking about a "second edition" reprint of the magazine that would include his photo.

The quintet -- Styles and Payne plus Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson -- finally let Brees down gently, and the supergroup dissolved back into its two separate entities: 1D and DB. At least they'll always have the Pepsi commercial (and Brees' edited Billboard cover) to remember their time together.