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Watch: Dancer Face-Plants on Paula Abdul's 'Live to Dance'

Watch: Dancer Face-Plants on Paula Abdul's 'Live to Dance'

On last night's (Jan. 4) premiere of Paula Abdul's dance competition show, "Live to Dance," viewers were treated to what they presumably expected -- a wide variety of dancers both talented and otherwise. But they also saw what appeared to be a truly gnarly face plant from one dancer.

Video: Dancer Face-Plants on "Live to Dance"

During her audtion, one dancer caught some air time but unfortunately ended up landing on the stage face-first. Her head appears to almost bounce off the floor, and when she gets up, that observation is confirmed. The left side of her forehead instantly shows a massive bump.

Sugary sweet Paula tries to comfort the dancer, calling her "sweetheart" multiple times. But, assumedly in an attempt to downplay the severity of the accident, the dancer plays dumb in regards to the swelling bump. "I think I slammed my head," she says.

"I can't even feel it right now," the dancer adds, to which Abdul says, "Oh, you will tomorrow!" Tell it, Paula.