Lost Avril Lavigne Video for 'Mobile' Surfaces

Lost Avril Lavigne Video for 'Mobile' Surfaces

To some, today's Avril Lavigne may be a shadow of her former self, known now as she who sang that catchy "Girlfriend" song a few years back and married/divorced Sum 41's Deryck Whibley. In more simpler times, she was a sk8er girl, lamenting about how things were so "Complicated" and butchering Metallica songs on "MTV Icon."

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Those pining for those days of yore, take note. A new video surfaced this week for the Canadian pop star's song "Mobile," which was shot nearly a decade ago in 2002.

Video: Avril Lavigne, "Mobile"

The song was featured on Lavigne's 2003 debut album "Let Go" and was released as a single in Australia. The music video, which was abruptly shelved following its release, features Lavigne and Lavigne alone -- guitar over her shoulder -- and an angsty song about life on the road in her throat.

The video is simple enough, but for those craving old-school Avril (who debuted her new single "What the Hell" on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve), this brief return to the punk-pop princess of 2002 is welcomed.