Watch: Foo Fighters Get Girly, Channel Gaga

Watch: Foo Fighters Get Girly, Channel Gaga

From their costumes and drag time in classic music videos like "Everlong" and "Learn to Fly" to Dave Grohl's most recent viral hi-jinks with the Scissor Sisters, the Foo Fighters don't seem to mind embarrassing themselves in the sake of comedy.

Video: Foo Fighters, "This Video Sucks" Drag Clip

In a new clip from the band, its members find themselves rocking wigs, glittery party dresses and Lady Gaga garb. Kathy Griffin stars as the director, and no surprise -- the "D-List" diva picks on the band.

"Blondie, i see your pubes," Griffin tells drummer Taylor Hawkins. "That's how you sell tickets."

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"These shoes hurt," complains frontman Dave Grohl. Her response? "Dan, honestly, I'm tired of the bitching."

Meanwhile, guitarist Pat Smear stands tall in his ode to Lady Gaga -- a blond bob wig, cigarette sunglasses and machine guns a la her July 2010 Rolling Stone cover.

The humorous clip is to promote the Foo Fighters' latest contest, "This Video Sucks," which invites fans to direct their next video. In the end, eleven fans will be selected to create clips, which will air on Fuse, for songs off the band's spring 2011 album.

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We're starting to think the Foo Fighters genuinely enjoy dressing up in women's clothing. And we're cool with that.