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'Colbert Report' Pits Black Keys Against Vampire Weekend in 'Sellout-Off'

'Colbert Report' Pits Black Keys Against Vampire Weekend in 'Sellout-Off'

If the best comedy contains a grain of truth, then a satirical sketch on last night's (Jan. 11) "Colbert Report" on the abundance of indie rock bands licensing their music to TV commercials was like a documentary.

The skit (video below) featured the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney and Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig engaging in a "sellout-off," in which both of the heavily-licensed rock bands played clips of commercials featuring their songs to determine which act was more deserving of the best alternative album Grammy this year.

Before the competition, Colbert instructed both acts to "leave your souls at the door."

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Behind the Black Keys' Breakthrough Year, Grammy Nominations

The Black Keys opened with a Zales commercial backed by "Girl Is On My Mind," while Vampire Weekend's Koenig responded with his band's ubiquitous Honda ad featuring the jaunty track "Holiday," which is also featured in a Tommy Hilfiger ad that is running concurrently with the Honda ad. The Ohio rock duo answered with a Victoria's Secret commercial (also featuring "Girl Is On My Mind"), to which Colbert responded by saying he never thought "breasts needed accompaniment." Koenig responded with a Hewlett-Packard ad with the song "A-Punk," while the Black Keys offered up a Sony Ericsson ad.

A fight erupted, but in the end, Colbert concluded that both artists had "equally whored out [their] music."