Peter Bjorn and John 'Break' New Video

Peter Bjorn and John 'Break' New Video

While indie-pop Swedes Peter Bjorn and John are best known for 2006's whistle-infused "Young Folks," the band's latest single "Breaker, Breaker" shows just as much promise as PB&J's earlier hit.

Video: Peter Bjorn and John's "Breaker, Breaker"

Blink and you'll miss "Breaker, Breaker," which moves along at breakneck speed, assisted no doubt by its video, which finds the band's motions sped up to fit the tune's swift tempo.

If listeners of "Breaker, Breaker" thought the song sounded Vampire Weekend-esque without the video as a reference, the video all but cements that notion. "A-Punk," anyone? Or even "Cousins."

The song and its video, which just recently premiered, are the first taste of Peter Bjorn & John's new album, "Gimme Some" (out March 29).