'American Idol' Premiere: Top 5 Auditions, from Yoji 'Pop' to Devyn Rush

'American Idol' Premiere: Top 5 Auditions, from Yoji 'Pop' to Devyn Rush

If you missed last night's "American Idol" season 10 premiere or just want to relive the highlights again, we're here to help. Watch the five most memorable auditions of the night below -- don't forget to tell us which one was your favorite -- and see how judges Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler and Randy Jackson fared in our full recap of the night.

'American Idol' Premiere Recap:

Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler Play Nice

1) Yoji "Pop" Asano

Song: Miley Cyrus, "Party in the U.S.A."

Steven said: Nothing -- he was speechless.

Jennifer said: "It IS a Party in the U.S.A!"

Randy said: "Yo, dawg, Yoji!"

We say: A little bit of Michael Jackson's spirit lives on inside Yoji, and it's no wonder, since he told the judges that he's been impersonating the King of Pop since before he was even born. But instead of singing an MJ classic like "Billie Jean" or "Bad," Yoji chose a song that he admitted to not liking very much -- and that suited us just fine. A fusion of Jackie Chan and Prince, this contestant gave a classic "Idol" audition that reminded us why we keep watching the show. William Hung, watch out.

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2) Devyn Rush

Song: Billie Holiday, "God Bless The Child"

Steven said: "That was delicious. That was a dessert to the lunch."

Jennifer said: "Your voice is a star -- you just need to start believing that."

Randy said: "So unsuspecting. You have just the right amount of sauce in there."

We say: Facts are facts, and you have to be a decent singer to waitress at the Stardust Diner in New York's theater hub. But Devyn exceeded our expectations, offering a commercially appealing vocal with just the right amount of dramatic flair. The results could work out in her favor, especially if J.Lo takes her for a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive. Didn't we establish years ago that denim is an "Idol" don't?

3) Tiffany Rios

Song: Original composition, "Power of Love"

Steven said: "What's with the jujubes on your ooh-ooh-bes?"

Jennifer said: "She's out of her mind, but I love it!"

Randy said: "Yes to the voice."

We say: For a minute there, we thought Tiffany Rios had taken a wrong turn on the way to a "Jersey Shore" casting call. But behind her Snooki-esque skintone and fashion fail, this dance instructor proved she deserved a golden ticket. We just have one piece of advice, though: lose the getup. You don't want to be remembered as the second coming of Bikini Girl.

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4) Melinda Ademi

Song: Alicia Keys, "If I Ain't Got You"

Steven said: "I like that you are pretty and beautiful, and you play it down. You won the lottery twice."

Jennifer said: "Now you're here, you can live the American dream."

Randy said: "You've got potential, so it's a yes."

We say: It's so early too name a "dark horse," but we can't resist. A Kosovo refugee, Melinda has a compelling backstory that should earn her early supporters, and a voice to win them over for the long haul. Keep an eye on this 16-year-old, because she could go far.

5) Victoria Huggins

Song: Gladys Knight & the Pips, "Midnight Train to Georgia"

Steven said: "Just the right amount (of skin) showing. (Sarcasm, we hope!)

Jennifer said: "She's adorable."

Randy said: "At 16, she has every trick in the book. The most personality on 'Idol.'"

We say: Adorable or awful? We're a bit torn. Victoria's Southern charm and and bubbly personality won the judges over, but will fans get tired of it? One thing is clear: Huggins will fight for her place in the finals like her life depends on it.

Honorable Mentions: Travis Orlando (where was Jenny from the Block when he shouted out his Bronx roots?), Robbie Rosen (the night's only other standout guy), Kenzie Palmer (solid vocals, and modest to boot) and Ashley Sullivan (her mainstream-Liza Minelli ambitions are highly admirable, however unattainable).