Matt & Kim Violently Throw Down In 'Cameras' Video

Matt & Kim Violently Throw Down In 'Cameras' Video

Have you ever been in a band where tensions are running high, and one day at practice you just feel like snapping and hurling your guitar at your annoying frontman that considers himself a divine gift to music but can't even sing in key? Now, have you ever acted on such an impulse against a fellow band member?

Matt & Kim have, and they have the video to prove it.

Video: "Cameras," Matt & Kim

Always a band with a penchant for music videos that make a big splash, the Brooklyn dance-punk duo recently released a clip for "Cameras" that has enough gory violence to satisfy the most sadistic of individuals.

The video for "Cameras," lead single off the band's 2010 album "Sidewalks," begins with Matt & Kim practicing one of their tunes. Kim's snare is accidentally knocked into Matt's keyboard, and before you know it, the former has been leveled by a blow by microphone stand from the latter. Game on.

In the spirit of not spoiling it, we won't tell you exactly how it ends, but do know that something happens to derail the fight. Our question: What would have happened if the fight hadn't been interrupted? Who would have won?

My money's on Kim. (Really, who else have you ever seen wield a maraca as a deadly weapon?) Readers, what do you think?