Watch: Snoop Dogg Wants to Work With Lady Gaga

In a new video posted by Snoop Dogg on his YouTube today (Jan. 24), the rapper puts out an "APB" (all points bulletin) for Lady Gaga, who Snoop wants to collaborate with on a "real nice freaky deaky kind of song."

Video: Snoop Dogg Hits Up Lady Gaga

The video, filmed with what appears to be a half-shuttered camera, received a mixed response from fans. Some called Snoop a "sell-out," while others likened the potential Gaga-Snoop collab to Eminem and Rihanna's recent successful pairing.

Snoop Dogg, we love you, but couldn't you have texted? Or tweeted? Or had your people call her people? Points for creative use of the 'Tube, though! We hope this "freaky deaky" collaboration works out. Gaga, get at him!