Ke$ha Plays Wild Disney Princess in New Spoof

For those who thought that Ke$ha could never play a sweet, innocent Disney princess -- well, you were right. The pop star puts her uniquely dirty spin on the fairy tale world in "Disney's Princess Ke$ha," a new video for humor website Funny or Die.

Video: Ke$ha's Disney Princess Funny or Die Spoof

For the first 30 seconds of the video, Ke$ha plays a tower-bound beauty who has just woken from her slumber, but the G-rated scene quickly devolves into an R-rated party, complete with a bottle of Jack, blinged-out animated crows and a raccoon pimp who gets its head chopped off. Leaning on a dance beat and Auto-tuned vocals, Ke$ha sings about getting "customized" for a night out and tells the "evil genie slut" in the "Snow White"-esque magical mirror to "suck it, b**ch."

At the video's conclusion, Princess Ke$ha is transported from her magical tower to a real-world alley, where her fairy godsomething conjures up a shopping cart carriage and homeless footman. It's not exactly picturesque, but for Ke$ha, whose latest single "We R Who We R" came in at No. 7 on last week's Hot 100, the closing image seems just about right.