T.I. Woos the Ladies in His 'Lay Me Down' Video

Rapper T.I. is currently serving time for drug possession that violated his parole, but before heading back to the slammer, he found time to shoot a video, which was released yesterday. "Lay Me Down," off his album "No Mercy," features T.I. alongside Rico Love, as well as a whole lot of women and not a lot of clothes.

Video: T.I. feat. Rico Love, "Lay Me Down"

The clip includes girl-on-pole, girl-on-mirror, girl-on-girl and girl-on-T.I. choreography. The lyrics are all about sex -- with girls in the city, girls in the "boonies," even girls with husbands. It must be lonely in jail.

Before he was arrested, T.I. pledged to kick his drug habit for good, saying, "I want drugs out my life." It seems he's ready to focus on his music -- and his scantily-clad lady friends.