Nicki Minaj's 'Moment 4 Life' Video': A Cinderella Wedding with Drake

Relating the lyrical hook "I wish I could have this moment for life" to a classic character whose time is especially fleeting -- Cinderella -- Nicki Minaj goes glamorous in the official music video for "Moment 4 Life," which premiered tonight (Jan. 27) on MTV. The clip for the "Pink Friday" single sports majestic set pieces, breathtaking outfits and a tuxedo-clad Drake, who kisses the Young Money rapper just as the clock strikes midnight.

Before delving into the romanticized plot of the video, Minaj engages in a spirited dialogue with her fairy godmother (also played by Minaj), who gives the rapper another reason to show off her British accent and let her eyes pop out as she strikes a pose with wand in hand. As the track kicks in, Minaj enters a gorgeous ballroom and wears three different wigs before the night is over. Drake looks just as stylish as he rattles off his verse and sits on a golden throne, but Minaj's diamond-studded heels would turn Cinderella herself green with envy.

Minaj will continue enjoying her "moment" when she joins her mentor, Lil Wayne, as well as Rick Ross and Travis Barker's on Weezy's "I Am Music II" tour, which kicks off on March 18. Sadly, Wayne does not appear in the "Moment 4 Life" clip, although he would have undoubtedly made a deliciously foul-mouthed fairy godfather.