Justin Bieber Charms Matt Lauer on 'Today,' 'Extreme Home Makeover'

The clock is ticking down toward the release of Justin Bieber's 3D biopic (two words we never thought would be paired together) "Never Say Never," and with appearances on the "Today" Show this morning and "Extreme Home Makeover" last night, the teen idol's TV takeover train keeps rolling full speed ahead.

Video: Justin Bieber on the "Today" Show, 1/31/2011

This morning (Jan. 31) on "Today," Matt Lauer got honest with Bieber, noting at one point: "I think there may be a temptation among some people to look at you and what's happened, and say, 'This is a creation -- this is a guy who was created by some slick PR people." Lauer ate his words -- sort of -- continuing, "But what really comes across in the movie is that you're a pretty darn good musician, too."

In other pressing matters discussed on "Today," Bieber commented on puberty, saying, "My voice is definitely changing, gradually. It's how you go through it. I have a good vocal coach."

Video: Justin Bieber on "Extreme Home Makeover," 1/30/2011

On an episode of "Extreme Home Makeover" that aired on ABC last night (Jan. 30), Justin hung out with teenage girls, dissed texting and driving, showed his philanthropic side, and awkwardly hugged a dad. All in a day's work.

And finally, Justin's friends, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, made a new commercial encouraging female fans to "have a girls' night" and go see "Never Say Never."

Video: Kardashians' Commercial for "Never Say Never"

The ongoing Bieber-mania is expected to slow slightly after the release of "Never Say Never" on Feb. 11.