'Mad Men's' John Slattery Stars in The National's 'Conversation 16'

'Mad Men's' John Slattery Stars in The National's 'Conversation 16'

Two distinct (and distinctly different) TV actors come together for one bizarre music video for The National's "Conversation 16." John Slattery, i.e. silver fox Roger Sterling on "Mad Men," plays a Secret Service agent protecting Kristen Schaal, who portrays "Flight of the Conchords" super-fan Mel, in the just-released clip.

Video: "Conversation 16," The National

The twist: Slattery's in love with Schaal, and is most likely the person who sent a presidential G-String to the Oval Office. Business professional? We think not.

National frontman Matt Berninger plays Slattery's wingman of sorts, but looks more like your dad than a G-Man in that suit. Meanwhile, Schaal's president mirrors Sarah Palin in certain ways (mostly the turkey-pardoning incident), but she seems much more unhappy. All in all, an amusing and confusing clip involving men dressed as bears from the highbrow rockers.

"Conversation 16" is off The National's May 2010 album, "High Violet.