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Screeching Weasel Singer Hits Two Women At Band's SXSW Gig

Screeching Weasel Singer Hits Two Women At Band's SXSW Gig

Screeching Weasel singer Ben Weasel (a.k.a. Ben Foster) struck two women during the band's tirade-laden concert at South by Southwest Friday night, according to media reports and video footage of the event, which took place at Austin's Scoot Inn.

Weasel struck one of the women after she apparently sprayed him with liquid and/or ice during the band's performance. Another woman, identified to the Los Angeles Times and Chicago's WBEZ as one of the venue's owners, ran onstage to break up the fight. Weasel was taken offstage by security and quickly left the venue. Police were called and a venue staffer offered to give them Weasel's license plate number, but the two women involved in the scuffle had left the premises and no police action was taken, the Times reported.

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Weasel reportedly spent much of the band's 50-minute performance complaining about SXSW, calling it "a carnival of schadenfreude," among other epithets, and calling music journalists "parasitic."

Video footage of the incident shows that, after apparently being hit with something thrown by an audience member, Weasel threatened to beat up the offender. When an audience member said the offender was a girl, Weasel said that he couldn't hit a girl but that he could get another girl to do it. More projectiles followed, increasing Weasel's ill humor.

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According to the Times, Weasel was hit in the face with ice thrown by the woman in the audience, and then offered to fight her. Some audience members said the woman had spat in Weasel's face.

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