Watch: Death Cab For Cutie's Shepard Fairey-Created Clip for 'Home Is A Fire'
Watch: Death Cab For Cutie's Shepard Fairey-Created Clip for 'Home Is A Fire'

Renowned street artist Shepard Fairey created some of the most iconic political imagery of all time during the 2008 election, but his latest project finds him working in the music world. The man behind Pres. Obama's "Hope" posters worked with Washington rockers Death Cab For Cutie on their new video for "Home Is A Fire."

In the clip, which was directed and conceptualized by Fairey and Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer, the song's cathartic lyrics are transformed into street art scattered throughout grittier parts of Los Angeles. Observe the whole process below.

Harmer spoke on his vision for the clip via DCFC's official website: "For me, 'Home Is A Fire' is about redefining familiar space. The narrator in the song seems unsettled, searching and yearning, scanning the environment for something comforting in an uncomfortable place."

Harmer added, in addition to mentioning that Fairey is a friend: "It was a logical step in my mind to take a song about redefining familiar space and connect it to the visual artistic expression of street art, which also, to me, is rooted in artists redefining familiar spaces."

"Home Is A Fire" is quite the contrast from Death Cab's first video off upcoming album "Codes And Keys," for first single "You Are A Tourist," which was live-broadcast -- and scripted.

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