Rebecca Black's 'Friday': 'Glee's' Unlikely Prom Anthem

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On last night's (May 10) episode of "Glee," viewers saw, among covers of lesser-known pop hits and the usual oldies radio favorites, an unlikely prom anthem emerge. Rebecca Black's "Friday," the viral sensation turned novelty hit, was transformed into a racous singalong and proper club-banger at the McKinley High junior prom. Watch below.

Disregarding the flimsy lyrics, the comedic badness of "Friday" was down-played by the fact that Artie, Puck and Finn are actually talented. To say the "Glee" version is more tolerable than Rebecca Black's original is a massive understatement.

The prom wasn't all fun and games, of course (it's high school, c'mon). Rachel wallowed in her perpetually wounded heart with Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" (on which her ex Jesse St. James returned for a surprise duet) and later, Christina Perri's "Jar of Hearts." Watch "Jar of Hearts" below.

Meanwhile, the gay-bashing of Kurt continued as he was crowned prom queen. Boyfriend Blaine mangaged to turn the embarrassing scene into an intimate moment, however, aided by Mercedes' and Santana's take on ABBA classic "Dancing Queen." Watch below.

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