Avril Lavigne Gets Warm and Fuzzy in 'Smile' Video
Avril Lavigne Gets Warm and Fuzzy in 'Smile' Video

After stripping down, stealing a car and shooting some hoops in her last video (for "What The Hell"), Avril Lavigne gets poignant in her new clip for "Smile," the second single off her latest record, "Goodbye Lullaby." Watch below.

Not the poignancy is totally clear right off the bat: In the opening moments, the First Lady of Mall Punk is mad as hell, and she's not gonna take it anymore. Green-streaked hair and all, Avril delivers some choice words in her trademark sneer while rocking out and covering everything from the walls to the camera with spray paint.

But before you can say "commodified teenage rebellion," the video cuts to black and white and the song opens up with its Taylor Swift-like chorus as Avril walks around unnoticed, picking up shards of glass from the pockets of a policeman, a construction worker's hat, and the cafe table of a fighting couple. Frowns turn to -- you guessed it -- smiles, and Lavigne fits the pieces together to create a -- you guessed it, again! -- heart. It's simple, sweet, and unlike "What The Hell," wonderfully void of blatant product placement.

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