Tom Morello Rocks Google Doodle in Honor of Les Paul

Tom Morello Rocks Google Doodle in Honor of Les Paul

Legendary guitarist Tom Morello has found a new instrument: the Google Doodle. Watch below, as the Rage Against the Machine co-founder trades his strings for computer keys in honor of guitar legend Les Paul's 96th birthday.

The most recent Google Doodle is a guitar celebrating Paul, who passed away in 2009 but whose 96th birthday would have been yesterday (June 9). The guitar is Google-shaped with multi-colored strings that can be strummed by the mouse or plucked using the number keys.

Google Remembers Les Paul with Guitar Doodle

In the video, Tom Morello wishes Les Paul a happy birthday and plays a 30-second, pre-rehearsed tune on his keyboard, closing the performance with a manic look at the camera and an exclamation of "hot damn!" Hey Tom, can you play the solo from "Bulls on Parade" on that thing?

Les Paul, Legendary Guitarist and Innovator, Dies at 94

Because the doodle was so popular, Google gave it an encore performance today, and will archive it tomorrow with the rest of the daily doodles.