Rebecca Black Performs 'Friday' Live on 'America's Got Talent'

Rebecca Black Performs 'Friday' Live on 'America's Got Talent'

YouTube juggernaut Rebecca Black has had a busy week. The 14-year-old singer told ABC that bullying forced her into homeschooling and on Wednesday night (Aug. 11) she appeared on NBC's "America's Got Talent" to sing her hit "Friday" ... live.

With a trio of backup dancers at her side, Black took to the "AGT" stage for a made-for-TV version of her biggest hit, skipping many of the lyrics to get right to to the song's bouncy hook.

Also on Wednesday, ABC News' "Nightline" aired an extensive interview with Black where she talked about the pressures she felt at school following the success of "Friday."

"When I walk by they'll start singing 'Friday' in a really nasally voice," she said. "Or, you know, they'll be like, 'Oh hey, Rebecca, guess what day it is?'"

Her mother, Georgina Marquez, agreed that the best thing was to remove that peer-pressure from her daughter's life so she could focus on music. Marquez told ABC that she even had to call the FBI when online threats turned violent. "There's not a stone that's left unturned when it comes to her safety," Marquez said.

But it seems Black is having the last laugh. "Friday" has racked up 167 million views while her latest single, "My Moment" has been streamed a whopping 22.5 million times.