Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday on Anniversary of Death

Mississippi: As Elvis Presley served as perhaps the most important figure in the popularization of early rock, his Billboard chart legacy is equally astounding. He's scored the most hits among soloists in the Hot 100's 54-year history and the most albums in the 56-year archives of the Billboard 200 albums chart. Simply, he's still the King of Rock & Roll.

Michele Bachmann may be gunning for the presidential seat, but she doesn't seem very knowledgeable about "The King."

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Yesterday (Aug. 16) at a small rally in Spartanburg, S.C., the Tea Party politician started off her speech by wishing Elvis Presley a happy birthday, when in all actuality, it was the 34th anniversary of his death. Watch below.

Bachmann, who kicked off her appearance by playing Elvis' "Promised Land," changed her tune later on in the speech. "Good to see you on the anniversary of Elvis's passing," Bachmann noted, as if no one would notice her earlier flub. "As far as we're concerned, he's still alive, alive in our hearts."