Jennifer Lopez's 'Papi' Video: Magic Cookies, Product Placements, Total Chaos

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Handsome men smashing through glass, flipping over cars, performing death-defying motorcycle jumps -- it's just another day for Jennifer Lopez! The pop star hypnotizes an entire city full of men but misses the one she loves the most in the music video for "Papi," the latest single from her "Love?" album, which hit the web today (Sept. 19).

We've all heard the story before -- girl misses boy, girl is offered a magic cookie to feel better, girl eats too much of magic cookie ("It broke!" she claims), girl inspires a slew of flower-grabbing and terrifying automobile accidents by a sea of dumbfounded men. The cheeky choreography at the 3:15 is a charming nod to Lopez's past videos, but will J. Lo reunite with her true "Papi" before the energetic track ends?

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If Lopez's "Papi" video looks familiar, it's because the singer offered a 30-second trailer of the clip in a commercial for Fiat that premiered last week. Other brands that receive shout-outs in the "Papi" video include Blackberry and Crown Royal.

"Papi" follows "Love?" singles like "I'm Into You" and "On the Floor," the latter of which is the seventh-biggest selling song of the year with 3.1 million copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Lopez will return to "American Idol" in January; until then, she'll make an appearance on a repackaged version of Enrique Iglesias' "Euphoria," due for a November release.