Foster The People Weird Out In 'Call It What You Want' Video

Foster The People Weird Out In 'Call It What You Want' Video

Still riding high on the success of breakout single "Pumped Up Kicks," which peaked at No. 3 on the Hot 100, Foster The People are exploring stranger territory with their new video.

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The clip for "Call It What You Want," the latest single from the L.A. band's breakout debut "Torches," is a melange of increasingly creepier images set to the band's characteristically up-tempo indie pop. Watch below.

Video: Foster The People, "Call It What You Want"

Highlights include: a goldfish flopping on the ground, bassist Cubbie Fink playing in a bathtub, drummer Mark Pontius making out with himself in a mirror (with subtitles, as if it were a foreign film, no less), singing bacon and eggs. But the piece de resistance: frontman Mark Foster, with his hand in the shape of a gun, shooting at six screaming female fans wearing shirts that spell out "FOSTER." The girls fall to the ground and bleed blue paint.

Heavy stuff -- not to mention that guns seem to be a peculiar recurring theme for Foster The People ("Pumped Up Kicks" details a school shooting). Either way, if Foster The People are going for weird for the sake of being weird, they've certainly nailed it with a video that seems to take a few shots at the consequences of the band's recent rise.

At one time, pretending to murder your fans might alienate them. Now it practically assures a good chunk of YouTube views.