Nickelback, Michael Buble Post Social 50 Chart Gains
Nickelback, Michael Buble Post Social 50 Chart Gains

After what has proven to be a successful season for the Detroit Lions, the team has invited Nickelback to perform during their game against the Green Bay Packers.

Nickelback's 'Here and Now': Track-By-Track Review

The Canadian band was met with opposition: an online petition quickly surfaced, containing 50,000 signatures by Detroit residents who requested a group with stronger local ties. Now Nickelback, with the help of comedian Paul Scheer, respond to the opposition and seek to uncover why Detroit (or, you know, music fans in general) hate Nickleback. Watch their Funny or Die video below.

In a business meeting with the band, Paul Scheer plays a labelhead from "EKG" records -- the same fake label/Scheer persona from Odd Future's Funny or Die video. The band seeks the solution of opening for themselves: "Nickelback featuring Nickelback," before realizing the issue is that the town just doesn't like the band. Scheer suggests the band adopt a more "Detroit feel" by changing its name to the Motown-ready "the Four Nickels," and dressing like famous Detroiters: Tom Selleck, Alice Cooper and Robocop. Yes, all of them.

Nickelback can joke about a lack of popularity all they want, but the Canadian rockers remain wildly successful. "Here and Now," the group's seventh album as of this week, follows 2008's "Dark Horse," which has sold 3.1 million copies to date (according to Nielsen SoundScan).