Music's Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011
Music's Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

Rebecca Black was to viral videos in 2011 what Adele was to the music world at large this year: The lady of the hour. Black's "Friday" hit very early in the year and kept the Internet a-chattering throughout 2011. Her fellow viral stars couldn't compete, but rest assured, they tried. From adorable kids covering quick-spitting female rappers to "SNL" Digital Shorts and a certain head-y DJ duo, see who ruled music's biggest viral videos of 2011, as chosen by

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10. Justin Bieber's Rap Alter Ego: The "Otis" Freestyle

The Biebs earned some street cred last month when he stopped by Power 106's Big Boy's Neighborhood to show off the skills of "Shawty Mane," his hip-hop alter ego. Bieber asked for the beat from Kanye West and Jay-Z's "Otis" only to unleash a swag-tastic two-minute freestyle over the "Watch the Throne" track. A few verses that are sure to make Selena proud: "I thank Jesus at the awards, I'm never going to hell/ Call me Zack Morris, I'm saving you by the bell/ My girl says I'm perfect, she just loves an imperfect person perfectly/ Personally, I think she is perfectly perfect." ( Full Story)

9. Gaga, JT & Andy Samberg Have a "3-Way"

"Saturday Night Live" packed some serious punch with its season finale back in May, booking not only Justin Timberlake as its host but the Mother Monster as its musical guest. Gaga was generous with her comedic side, and the show's highlight came in the form of a Digital Short, "3-Way." J-Timbs and Andy Samberg reprised their roles as the sleazy New Jack Swing brothers from the "Dick in a Box" and "Motherlover" videos, only this time, their lady of choice is an overly lip-lined Gaga. And she wants them both. ( Full Story)

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