Uncharted Territory: Traphik Stays Put, Nicolas Jaar and Maddi Jane Move Up

The Deadlies Unseat Traphik as Uncharted's New No. 1

Someday, Traphik will not be the No. 1 artist on Uncharted, Billboard's newest chart for emerging artists that features independent, never-before-charted musicians who are breaking new ground in the world of digital engagement. But at this rate, it probably won't happen until he releases an album and graduates to one of Billboard's sales charts--the Southern California rapper's 1.1 million-plus YouTube channel views during the chart week kept him on top for the seventh straight week.

Back at No. 2 are the Deadlies, the Los Angeles rockers whose tireless online outreach earned almost 300,000 song plays on MySpace Music during the chart week. The band, which is working on its second EP, will be playing several shows in Austin during the week of South By Southwest, including Billboard Pro's day party at Buffalo Billiards on Saturday afternoon, March 19. Check next week's Uncharted Territory column and follow @BillboardPro on Twitter for more details.

Moving up seven places to No. 20 this week is Nicolas Jaar, the Brown University junior whose "organic electronic music," as he calls it, has attracted hundreds of thousands of plays on his SoundCloud page and via Last.fm. He released his debut, an EP, when he was just 17; now, with his own record label as well as a forthcoming full-length release, Nicolas Jaar is just getting started.

Also jumping seven places to No. 21 is Maddi Jane, the adorable 12-year-old whose YouTube videos have attracted over 100,000 views this week. Maddi's covers of songs by famous artists like Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars landed her a guest appearance on the Ellen Degeneres Show last year.

Debuting on Uncharted this week at No. 50 is Pretty Lights, also known as Colorado producer Derek Vincent Smith, whose comprehensive approach to online promotion has attracted impressive numbers of listeners and fans across multiple platforms including MySpace Music, Last.fm and Facebook. Pretty Lights is currently on tour and has lined up bookings throughout festival season, including at the Bonnaroo and All Good festivals.

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Additional reporting by Devon Maloney