Uncharted Territory: Traphik Scores 1 Million YouTube Subscribers, Bombay Bicycle Club Build Buzz

Uncharted Territory: Traphik Scores 1 Million YouTube Subscribers, Bombay Bicycle Club Build Buzz

At this point, you'd probably be surprised if a week went by here on Uncharted when you didn't see Traphik's name mentioned. The rapper/comedian has been a mainstay since we debuted Uncharted back in January, holding the top spot for the chart's first seven weeks. This week, Traphik is back at No. 1 and just hit a milestone of his own, netting over 1 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. In honor of hitting this benchmark Traphik posted a five-minute clip of him and American Idol contestant Andrew Garcia driving around and freestyling.

Across the Atlantic, London rockers Bombay Bicycle Club hopped from No. 24 to No. 16 this week thanks to increasing blog buzz as the August 29 release date for their new record, "A Different Kind of Fix" approaches. Posted on their SoundCloud two months ago, the album's first single, "Shuffle"-a catchy number with a jittery piano riff that recalls LCD Soundsystem's "All My Friends"-has generated 189,000 plays (6,000 this week); while this week, Bombay Bicycle Club's Last.fm plays leapt from 61,000 to nearly 98,000.

Making his re-entry on the Uncharted this week at No. 24 is Slovenian DJ Umek. Though we've seen Umek before, appearance this week is not for a new song or remix: About a month ago Umek started posting a podcast on his SoundCloud called "Behind The Iron Curtain with Umek." The show are light on talk, heavy on music, with Umek filling the hour-long episodes with his favorite new techno tracks. Thanks to the show, along with a new track he dropped, "Complementary Access" with Stefano Ferini, Umek notched over 10,000 SoundCloud plays this week.

Ten spots down at No. 34, dubstepper Excision is also finding himself back on the Uncharted. The Canadian producer has been building hype for his new record "X Rated," which is set to drop on September 12. Excision has been updating fans about the album via Twitter, and according to his most recent Tweet, "X Rated" is "100% done just waiting on ze artwork." The building hype has netted Excision over 8,000 Last.fm plays and 5,000 on SoundCloud, significant bumps in both categories from last week.

Finally, British producer/DJ Funkagenda leapt from No. 50 to No. 35 this week after seeing a big bump in his SoundCloud plays, scoring nearly 18,000 this week. The jump, however, does not necessarily seem to be the result of a new track or mix-though Funkagenda has posted both in the past two weeks-but rather because of a remix contest he's hosting. Just over two weeks ago, the DJ posted the 9 instrumental parts that comprise his song "Shinjuku" and asked fans to piece together their own versions. But looking to do more than just your run-of-the-mill remix contest, Funkagenda put a unique spin on his challenge, stipulating that the aspiring DJ's submit a one-hour mix that contains their "Shinjuku" remix.

It's the usual suspects atop the Uncharted this week: DJ Bl3nd finds himself at No.2, while Your Favorite Enemies, Tyler Ward, and Colette Carr make up the rest of the Top 5 in that order. To discover new music and get a head start on following the careers of these emerging artists, find the rest of this week's chart on Billboard.com or in Billboard Magazine, and check in with Uncharted Territory every week for more.