Uncharted Territory: Noisia Crack Top 5; Mackelmore Re-Enters

Uncharted Territory: Noisia Crack Top 5; Mackelmore Re-Enters

This week, the Dutch electronica trio Noisia shot into the Top 5 of Uncharted this week on the strength of a their new, spaced-out-turned-bass-whomping track, "Tommy's Theme." At No. 13 last week, Noisia racked up a whopping 142,000 SoundCloud plays ("Tommy's Theme" itself has over 76,000 plays since its release just five days ago) and 20,000 Last.fm plays in the past week, enough to propel them to No. 3. The trio does have a growing following--not to mention the fact that "Tommy's Theme" was released on famed DJ Deadmau5's label, Mau5trap Recordings--but as we've seen in the past, cracking the Top 5 doesn't necessarily mean a secure spot in the upper echelon--then again, it could be Noisia that breaks that trend.

Earlier this month we highlighted Mackelmore, a Seattle-based rapper who made his Uncharted debut at No. 42. Though we haven't seen much of Mackelmore lately, this week he re-entered and stormed up the Uncharted, clocking in at No. 11. The rapper found himself with the top spot on the Hype Machine earlier this week, while his Facebook fans increased drastically: after gaining around 1,500 two weeks ago, he scored over 21,500 new fans this week. As if that weren't enough, he is about to embark on a massive North American tour.

Up-and-coming pop songstress Alyssa Bernal jumped 11 spots this week, landing at No. 18. Since dropping the video for her single, "Soaking Up The Sun," on the 27th, the clip has gained over 278,000 plays on YouTube. And with fall finally here, this video--a sun-soaked paean to young summer love (minus the crippling awkwardness everyone experienced at summer camp, right?)--and song are sure to make tweens everywhere wish they weren't back in school already.

Making an even more impressive leap this week, Oxford-based producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs went from No. 41 to No. 26 this week, thanks to remix from fellow UK producer, Hackman. The new version of TEED's 2010 track "Garden" hit the web last Wednesday, and after getting picked up by Pitchfork, the track has notched over 2,000 SoundCloud plays; TEED, who was recently working with Damon Albarn on his new DRC Music project, saw a bump in his overall SoundCloud plays as well, notching over 14,000 this week, and over 7,000 Last.fm plays.

Lastly, debuting this week is Estonia-based DJ Mord Fustang, who not only takes the award for coolest DJ name, but also the 35th spot on Uncharted. Though his two most recent tracks, the glitched-out dance numbers "Magic Trooper" and "A New World," have been floating around online for the three and four months respectively, just this past week Mord Fustang saw a swell of 17,000 new SoundCloud plays and 1,300 new Facebook fans. The DJ is about to hit the road as well, finishing off the rest of the year with a massive tour, hitting locations across Europe and the US.

Aside from Noisia taking the No. 3 spot, our Top 5 remains more or less the same: Traphik's back at No. 1, with DJ Bl3nd right behind, while Tyler Ward and Maddi Jane follow Noisia in that order.

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