Uncharted Territory: The Spin Room Climbs Again; Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Lives On

Uncharted Territory: The Spin Room Climbs Again; Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Lives On

This week on Uncharted, folks are jumping up all over the place. The Spin Room (the pop-punk brainchild of Long Islander Nick Miley), who made an impressive debut at No. 21 last week, shot up ten spots in just seven days, clocking in this week at No. 11. After offering up his two EPs, "The Early Years" and "The Dreams We Keep" for free, The Spin Room saw a bump in Pure Volume plays that rose again this week to over 9,800. The Pure Volume love hasn't necessarily translated to other online outlets yet, but it looks like The Spin Room's luck is gonna keep turning in his favor.

We last checked in with Oxford-based producer Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs at the end of September; now, he's back again, thanks to a brand new remix that unsurprisingly catapulted him from No. 23 to No. 12 this week. On November 8, T.E.E.D. posted a haunting remix of Lady Gaga's "Marry The Night." Since then, the track alone has notched over 18,500 plays on SoundCloud; in the past seven days, he's had over 26,000 plays on the site overall. Over on Last.fm he scored over 10,000 plays, too.

Uncharted friends Felguk are also back after seeing big numbers on SoundCloud this week. We've previously noted that the Brazilian electro duo were planning a remix project; four days later, they delivered, posting five remixes from various artists of their song "Blow Out." To top it all off, on the 15th, they dropped a minute-and-a-half long preview of their new song "Bassive," which has already gained over 13,000 plays. Overall, Felguk scored over 23,600 SoundCloud plays, more than enough to bump them 16 spots to No. 20.

UK-based electro/dubstep group Modestep also raced up the Uncharted from No. 47 to No. 26 with big showings on both Last.fm and YouTube. The group just dropped their new EP "To The Stars" (which features the title track as well as four remixes), and to celebrate they're also giving away free Best of 2011 mixtape-both of which certainly help account for the over 29,000 Last.fm plays. Over on YouTube, the spike most likely comes from a few recent videos that feature the "To The Stars" remixes, which helped Modestep clock in at over 5,000 plays this week.

Finally, making their Uncharted debut at No. 38 this week are longtime British experimental rock outfit 65daysofstatic. The group released their fifth album, "We Were Exploding Anyway" back at the end of October, and apparently fans have been eating it up as the group scored over 77,000 Last.fm plays and over 2,000 SoundCloud plays; it's likely the group also gained a few new listeners considering the album features a song, "Come To Me," with vocals from legendary Cure frontman, Robert Smith.

And at the top of the Uncharted, it's the same ol' same ol': DJ Bl3nd and Traphik take the top two spots in that order, with Maddi Jane, Tyler Ward, and Noisia rounding out the rest of the top five.

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