Top 20 Tweets of the Week 4/16/2011
Top 20 Tweets of the Week 4/16/2011

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

JUSTIN BIEBER @JustinBieber : You would think paparazzi would have some respect in holy places. All I wanted was the chance to walk where Jesus did here in Isreal.
BEST COAST @BestyCoastyy (Best Coast): Going to overpack the shit out of my suitcase for coachella
BRAD PAISLEY @BradPaisley: Tying to think of a funny tweet. Nothin.
STEVE MARTIN @SteveMartinToGo (Steve Martin): BREAKING NEWS: made a cell phone call today free of oscillating, underwater sound. I'll see if it is reflected on my bill.
KESHA @keshasuxx (Ke$ha): My groupies go to Harvard.
DIGGY SIMMONS @Diggy_Simmons: Just heard that @ciara said she'd let me date daughter if she had one, I'm very flattered :)
DIDDY @iamdiddy (Diddy): Wake your asses up! And change your Life! Let's Go!
GINUWINE @Ginuwine09 (Ginuwine): It's strange how some time family can be your enemy a shame at the same time, pray for those who are lost they all need a hug #stophating
WEIRD AL YANKOVIC @alyankovic (Weird Al Yankovic): 2 million followers! Beat THAT, Charlie Sheen!! (Oh, wait, he has. Never mind.)
BRITNEY SPEARS @britneyspears : @NICKIMINAJ The #FemmeFataleBARBZ wont know what hit em. Ready or not people, here we come.... -Britney
SOLANGE KNOWLES @SolangeKnowles: I asked Marylin Manson what kind of eyeliner he uses. #smokyshit Then I yelled out _____________ Out of control
MARK HOPPUS @MarkHoppus: (Blink-182) The weather in NYC is so nice, I might grab my bikini and lay out in Times Square.
WIZ KHALIFA @RealWizKhalifa (Wiz Khalifa): blowin tha frohawk out since he got his own trendin topic n all...fucker
JERMAINE JACKSON @jermjackson5 (Jermaine Jackson): Dear @Marlon_Jackson, apparently you are our brother Marlon??? Wow. But you don't speak the language of my little bro'...
PETE WENTZ @PeteWentz: Dudes carrying around mini dogs for girls in beverly hills we have come a long way from hunting and gathering, kinda in the worst way.
RECORD STORE DAY @RecordStoreDay: thanks to everyone for support of the stores. give employees a big hug tomorrow, @rsd11. They are smelly but worth it.
COLDPLAY @Coldplay: The woman who discovered our band - @debswild - is climbing a mountain for kids with cancer. Please sponsor her at
BEASTIE BOYS @BeastieBoys : Back again...Make Some Noise -
SNOOP DOGG @SnoopDogg: DJ Snoopadelic on tha 1s n 2s live from Jupiters Gold Coast AUS (pic)
RZA @RZAWU: (RZA) Check out getting yourself a FREE copy of Kickdrums new mixtape at
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