Tweets Of The Week 4/23/2011
Tweets Of The Week 4/23/2011

Here's our round-up of singers', rockers' and rappers' 20 coolest and funnest tweets from the past seven days. Be sure to tag @billboarddotcom to your favorite music retweets (and don't forget to follow us!)

TV On The Radio @TVonTheRadio: We can't thank you all enough for the love you show to us. You can send messages to we'll print them for his sevice xo
TRENT REZNOR @Trent_Reznor: Terrible news. Gerard was such a sweet guy. Much love to the TVOTR camp.
AL YANKOVIC @AlYankovic ("Weird" Al Yankovic): GAGA UPDATE!
ASHER ROTH @AsherRoth: Columbine, Gulf Oil Spill, Hitler's b-day....4/20 is actually kind of a bummer.
FLEET FOXES @FleetFoxes: Being interviewed by the NME is like being interrogated for a crime you didn't commit. Every question is a set up.
JULIETTE LEWIS @JulietteLewis: I know it sucked when Kiss took their make up off... But how long were they supposed to keep it going? What was plan B? God I relate
QUESTLOVE @Questlove: Can't believe I'm about to have my first Katz deli sandwich (harry "ill have what she having" met sally spot) been meaning to come for years!
JOE JONAS @JoeJonas: Adele... Your record makes me very happy inside.
ADAM LAMBERT @AdamLambert: Just caught up on idol via YouTube... HALEY!!! Heads and shoulders above the rest. Gave me chills. Effortlessly badass.
DIPLO @Diplo: Jus got kicked out of a resteraunt in belgium for ordering coors lite
SN00KI @Sn00ki: Ouch! Never got extensions before..this shit hurts!
LITTLE BOOTS @iamlittleboots (Little Boots): Not gonna lie, making a total racket in the studio
BIG BOI @BigBoi: Ahhhh breakfast in bed, #californiakingshit
KYLIE MINOUGUE @KylieMinogue: Dear Weather Gods....Please, please, PLEASE can London always be like this??!! #wishfulthinking
ROB THOMAS @ThisIsRobThomas: ok, listen to me, tuesday. you're gonna shut up, you're gonna sit down and you're gonna do what you're told and we'll get along fine.
TINIE TEMPAH @TinieTempah: Has started watching 'Gossip Girl'.... Oh lord I've been out here too long!!
WALE @Wale: So the news would rather talk bout Barry Bonds, then Shaw University...I feel like if thatd been some other schools....nevermind
SOULJA BOY @SouljaBoy: Everybody knows how to raise children, except the people who have them.
LIGHTS @Lights: A dad to his little daughter at the Body World exhibit today: "Don't look at the naughty, body bits, Megan!"
BILLY CORGAN @Billy (Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan): It's official: Major @smashingpumpkin announcement this coming Tuesday. Regards new and old SP music. Big changes...exciting news.
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