Eminem As the Riddler? Re-Casting  'Batman' with Rappers
Eminem As the Riddler? Re-Casting 'Batman' with Rappers

Eminem has been a superhero on the Hot 100 chart lately, but if you believe the National Enquirer, he's also ready to return to the silver screen as a villain in the next "Batman" movie. According to the infamous tabloid, Em supposedly rhymed to his reps, "When it comes to business, you know I ain't no fiddler... You tell them Batman biggies, I wanna play The Riddler!"

It would be a far cry from his 2002 film debut "8 Mile," but Em's certainly got the swagger and verbal smarts to pull off The Riddler. The news has got me pondering: what if all of hip-hop's biggest stars tried out for the next "Batman" flick? Here are the rappers who I think could play each classic character:

Rapper Batman Role Character Description
Jay-Z Batman Gotham city's main superhero. Throw in Beyonce as his main squeeze, Vicki Vale.
Drake Robin Up-and-comer, no. 2 to Batman.
Lil' Wayne the Joker Eccentric villain known for his odd sense of humor and technicolor look. Also has quite a grill.
Kanye West Two Face Debonaire villain with half of his handsome face scarred by acid, flips a coin to decide whether to be naughty or nice.
Nicki Minaj Catwoman She may be a villian, but she's known as shapely, smart, seductively-voiced.
Rick Ross The Penguin A "gentleman of crime," this dapper don fancies cane-like umbrellas and snooty cigarette holders.
Jeezy Mr. Freeze Ice-cold snowman of a villian known for battling with Batman with frigid tactics.
Lil Kim Poison Ivy With colored tresess and feminine wiles, she uses toxic plants as a weapon.
Snoop Dogg Commissioner Gordon Good guy in charge of Gotham City's police department, collaborates with Batman when the stakes are high.
Diddy Alfred the Butler Batman's trusted homeboy has had his back, and good advice for staying alive in the game, forever.

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