T.I. Talks About Convincing Jumper Not To Commit Suicide

Clifford 'T.I.' Harris performs his last scheduled show before incarceration during the 2009 Rites of Spring Music Festival on the Campus Alumni Lawn at Vanderbilt University on April 17, 2009 in Nashville, Tennessee.

T.I. helped a man on the verge of committing suicide not to jump from the top of a building in Atlanta yesterday (Oct. 13). Now, footage of Tip explaining his envolvement in the mission to save the man's life has surfaced.

Video: T.I. on talking jumper down

While very much applauded, the timing of the whole thing is raising eye brows on the interwebs about whether this is a publicity stunt or not, considering T.I.'s recent arrest. In either case, a saved life is priceless.