Nelly Says Taylor Swift Boosted His 'Cool' (Video)

Nelly Says Taylor Swift Boosted His 'Cool' (Video)

Billboard recently reported on how a Taylor Swift tweet about Nelly's single "Just A Dream" legitimized the 36-year-old rapper's coolness in the eyes of his daughter. Here, Nelly tells Fuse's "Different Spin" host Mark Hoppus how the shout-out "helped me in the daddy mode."

Video: Nelly on Mark Hoppus Show

Nelly Regains Cool With Taylor Swift's Help

Mark Hoppus' Takes Over

"Just A Dream" is off Nelly's upcoming "5.0" album from Derrty/Universal Motown on Nov. 16. It's also his first top ten hit since "Grillz" topped the Hot 100 in 2006. Congrats, Nelly.

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