Bow Wow Explains Suicide Tweets, Talks Kat Stacks, Raz B

Bow Wow visited WKYS in D.C. this week and spoke with radio host Angie Ange about those suicidal tweets that he posted a little while back, as well as his thoughts on Kat Stacks, Raz B and his signing to Young Money/Cash Money.

Video: Bow Wow speaks about suicidal tweets.

In hopes of clearing up those suicide rumors, Bow Wow compared himself to the character of Macauly Caulkin in the movie "Richie Rich," saying, "didnt have time to go play football or do none of the regular stuff. It haunts you... You're going to be unbalanced." He cleared up that he wasn't speaking about killing himself, but he was just venting about wanting to be a regular person sometimes.

When asked about Kat Stacks and her allegations that she'd been with Bow Wow, the rapper brushed it off. "It's easy to deal with something that never happened. I'm a vet, I've been in the game long enough," he said. "Even when people got to make up stories, whatever it is she gotta do to make ends meet, go ahead and do it. It's entertainment."

Bow Wow, who recently singed to Young Money/Cash Money, said he made the switch to protect "his brand. I just felt like Columbia [his previous label house] didn't have the tools to continue to carry out my legacy." He said the label has significant success with R&B artists like Beyonce, Maxwell and John Legend, but that "the label was getting older, and my fans are younger."

Angie Ange asked Bow Wow about his opinions on former B2K member Raz B, who has been making allegations of sexual molestation towards his former manager and labelmates, and what he would say about that situation since he's also grown up in the public eye.

"The best thing I would say, a lot of these young cats have no guidance in the game. They weren't surrounded with official dudes who got respect," Bow Wow said. "It starts with your camp and who you run with. I ain't got those problems... I ain't around no suckas. If you got some squares in your camp, you gotta get rid of that. I feel sorry for dude. I feel there's a better way he can go about his situation."

There goes that. Thanks for clearing that up, Bow. Sidenote: Bow Wow killed his performance at last year's "VH1 Hip-Hop Honors." Just saying.