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Beanie Sigel Says Dame Dash Owes Him 'About $11 Million' Dollars

Beanie Sigel sat with Star and Buckwild from the "Star & Buckwild Morning Show" on Power 100.3 in his hometown and dished out about how former labelhead Dame Dash owing him "roughly about... $11 million" dollars.

Video: Beanie Sigel on the Star & Buckwild show

"I ain't loyal to Dame -- Dame owe me some money.. Roughly about $11 million that Dame stole from me," the Broad Streeet bully told the Philadelphia radio station hosts. When asked if he would put out a diss track against him, like he did with Jay-Z recently, Beanie said he's "past that. He filed for bankruptcy," referencing Dash's legal troubles as of late.

When Buck mentioned all the times Dash would go to court when Beanie was going through his own legal troubles, Beanie said it was all a facade. "That was smoking mirrors. That wasn't about Beanie Sigel -- that was the Jay-Z/Dame Dash breaking up," he said. "If you got Roc-a-fella in the hole.. if you couldn't have Jay-Z, who was the next person you would have?"

"Beanie Sigel," Buck replied, to which Beanie answered, "I seen through that. You can't pimp me."

Beanie also talked about Kanye West, stating that he has no issues with him anymore but did at one point because he helped get him out a "real sticky situation" once and I guess 'Ye wasn't appreciative enough.

The drama with the Roc boys will never end.