The Year in Arrests: 2010
Yo Gotti (Memphis, Dec. 13): The rapper (real name: Mario Mims) turned himself into police after being charged with aggravated riot following a November shooting in the parking lot of a Memphis nightclub. Yo Gotti's attorney has said that Mims hopes to be cleared of the charges.

Rapper Yo Gotti turned himself in yesterday (Dec. 13) after being charged with a felony following a Thanksgiving weekend shooting.

Arrest Warrant Issued For Rapper Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti, born Mario Mims, and ten other men are charged with agrravated riot; several people were wounded by gunshots when Mims allegedly began to argue with another man in a nightclub parking lot the morning of Nov. 29. A fight started and gunshots were fired.

Gotti's attorney, Murray Wells, says he's confident he will be cleared of the charges.

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