Lil Mama Gets Booed During NYC Show

Lil Mama looks more like child than mother at the VMAs in 2009.

Lil Mama recently attempted to spit a freestyle during Chris Brown's All Black Extravaganza in New York City, but was booed by the unimpressed crowd.

Video: Lil Mama gets booed in NYC

As the boos seem to get louder, Lil Mama took a second to explain herself. "Excitement comes in so many different forms. Once you lose something that's pure and as deep as your mother nothing can phase you, nothing," she said. "And I love ya'll. I love New York, no matter what. This is where I hail from and the same n*ggas that hate me, made me great, B!"

Tough crowd. I don't think anyone's gotten past Lil Mama's stage-crashing incident that one time. Better luck next time, ma.