Women in Music 2016

Tink Parties With Timbaland, Hates on Instagram in 'Ratchet Commandments' Video

At SXSW, Timbaland said Aaliyah came to him in a dream and told him Tink is "the one." Well, the 20-year old Chicago artist certainly has been making waves lately, and now she's got a slickly produced video for her anthem, "Ratchet Commandments." Check it out below and watch for Timbaland cameos:

Tink Talks Working With Sleigh Bells, Timbaland; Premieres 'Used 2 Know' Video

The song's been criticized for its preachy-ness and alleged slut-shaming, but whatever you think of the mantra, the visuals are awfully fun to look at (hat tip to director Dave Meyers). Tink's future indeed looks bright.