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Is Kanye West Designing New Jerseys for the Washington Wizards?

Rick Kern/Getty Images for Samsung
Kanye West performs onstage as Samsung Galaxy presents JAY Z and Kanye West at SXSW on March 12, 2014 in Austin, TX

Kanye West may be designing new jerseys for the Washington Wizards, according to Wale -- the team's new "creative liaison."

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After stepping into that role earlier this season, Wale talked to ESPN about what that title might mean for him other than including the rapper's music in the NBA team's intro video and making appearances at various other events. One thing he may do, is get the fashion-inspired West to design new jerseys in hopes of giving a little extra spark to the team. 

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"I want to be a shot in the arm to DC basketball," he told ESPN. "My job is to provide a spark, at all costs. I'm not going to do anything corny, but I'm talking to Kanye about designing new uniforms. I want to see the phone booth rocking every time I come here. I want to create the 'Lake Show,' create what the Bulls had. I want to take the personality of our stars -- John, Otto, Marcin -- and create what Kemp and Payton had, what LeBron and D-Wade had. That's the vibe I want."

Whether anything will come of this, or not, is unclear, but it's something plenty would surely love to see.