Trey Songz Opens Up About Being Cheated On: Video

Check out a teaser to our Trey Songz' interview where he plays Billboard's Love Doctor.

If there's one person to ask for love and sex advice – or pry for juicy stories of their own love and sex life – it's Trey Songz. The singer/songwriter has garnered success by swooning women and teaching men lessons on matters of the heart and body with his music.

That is why we've revived our Love Doctor Q&A series for Trey Songz – except this time around we've implemented it into The Juice's weekly 30-minute podcast.

Before giving you the full interview tomorrow (Friday, June 6) – which also covers the creative process behind "Trigga," his thoughts on Justin Bieber and Chris Brown and more –  check out a video teaser below:

And Barbz: We, including my co-host Taj Rani (BET's The Buzz host), asked Trey Songz about his "Trigga" collaboration with Nicki Minaj.