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In celebration of women's history month, we're spotlighting 31 great female MCs over 31 days. (left to right) Getty Images for BE, WireImage/Getty Images (2)


Day 29: Queen Latifah
Queen Latifah drew the blueprint for successful female MCs/entrepreneurs. While continuing to inspire, the New Jersey native has conquered different arenas in the game such as music, TV and film.

MC Lyte, a legendary female MC and businesswoman herself, has been close friends with Queen Latifah since the beginning of their careers. Below, Lyte shares heartfelt words on their friendship and Queen Latifah's impact.

"My sister, the Queen, has single handedly changed the way every female MC looks at their business and perhaps more importantly, has no doubt changed the way the world views female MCs and their business potential.

We were so young [and] so bright eyed [when] meeting at the New Music Seminar in NYC. Seems so simple however as I look back, it was that week of hip hop activities that changed our lives forever. 

I absolutely loved it ('All Hail the Queen'). De La Soul played 'Princess of the Posse' for me in a downtown studio prior to it's release. What a breath of fresh air! Her voice was so strong and her lyrical style was direct and engaging.

[Her] song('U.N.I.T.Y') was extremely impactful for the genre of Hip Hop. To finally hear a strong voice of a positive black woman speaking about uplifting young woman. To date it's still one of my favorite songs.

From the very beginning of our friendship I understood La to be full of flavor. When we would hang out, she would often breakout into a dialect of some sort or pick up her guitar and start strumming a beautiful tune. She was funny, engaging and brave. She was one of those people who could do so much well. I always felt she would mature into an artist that did it all and she does. She's definitely an inspiration to everyone who knows her and the millions of fans who support her.

She is the epitome of grace, style and class. I'm happy to say she's my friend and I am simply indebted to her for being one of my biggest inspirations.


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