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Day 30: Foxy Brown
Foxy Brown turned heads the minute she stepped on to the scene at 15-years-old. She's influenced other rappers – male and female – with her vicious rhymes. Below, a handful of artists who've collaborated with Foxy Brown speak on her artistry and accomplishments.

Teddy Riley: "She's paved a way for a lot of female rappers, especially those who were young and had no direction. She carved out a path. Foxy played a big part in rap. I’m proud to be a part of her success. I hope she comes and does something because people miss Foxy Brown."

"It ('Get Me Home') was supposed to be a remix but when she added to it I decided to make it an actual song. She doesn’t know this but I only charged her a $1 for the song. When Lyor [Cohen] and Russell Simmons came down to Virginia they pulled me into a room and asked, 'What are you gonna charge us for this? This is a smash.' I told them to wait until we got it done first but they wanted to talk about it now. I said, 'You and Lyor but $0.50 each.' They thought it was a joke. I wanted to show them that the best thing can come out of something that's free or something that's pretty much free."

"He (Jay Z) gave her insight and had been writing for her for awhile. When she wanted to add more she wanted Jay to help her with it. Him being a part of her writing and him ghostwriting for her on a lot of things introduced her to many people and also made her one of the top rappers."

[Editor's Note: Foxy Brown's camp refutes Teddy Riley's statement that Jay Z ghostwrote for her.]

Havoc (from Mobb Deep): "Foxy was always passionate for what she did. She wanted to spit a hot rhyme. She wouldn’t just say anything; The bars had to be real hot. She was a little bit more savvy with her lyrics."

"We had the same management at the time. Chris Lighty had hooked it ('The Promise') up. She was real professional and energetic. I made the beat with how I felt at the moment, then I worked up the hook and she laid her verses down."

Pam (from Total): "Foxy's voice couldn’t be duplicated and it still can’t be duplicated. You've never heard someone like Foxy. She came with it. There’s no one else that killed the game like Foxy.

"'No One Else' was fire: Foxy putting it down the way she did, [Lil] Kim coming behind her and then Da Brat finishing it off. We were in the studio when Kim and Brat put it down, but we weren't there when Foxy put it down."

Kima (from Total): "I think they (Lil Kim and Foxy Brown) knew they were going to be on the song together."

Pam: "The elevation of that record was so high. Puffy was the mastermind behind it. Brandy had done something like that [with female rappers], but it was like 'I Wanna Be Down' to the 4th power."

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