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Pusha T Announces, 'Clipse Working on New Album'

Pusha takes to Facebook to confirm rumors sparked by a photo of the Neptunes he tweeted Jan. 2

Long-running rumors of a Clipse reunion just got a lot more credible.

Yesterday (Jan. 7) evening, Pusha T posted "Clipse working on a new album" to his official Facebook page, linking to a story on Karen Civil, which reads:

"Pusha T made news recently after posting pictures of The Neptunes in the studio to Instagram, sparking speculation of a soon-to-come sophomore album. However, it has been confirmed that the photos are evidence of the Clipse--comprised of brothers Pusha T and No Malice--hard at work on an untitled independent project, ending a three-year hiatus."

The pictures in question were tweeted by Pusha on Jan. 2, showing the Neptunes -- Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo -- inside the studio. It was first assumed they were working with Pusha T on his upcoming solo album, "King Push" (expected some time in 2014), although Clipse diehards should now be rejoicing over this new development.

Last year, Pusha T hinted the album would be titled "As God As My Witness." The Clipse's other half, No Malice (formerly Malice), discussed the subject with Billboard last March:

"It's definitely [in] beginning stages, but Pusha and I have some serious things that we’re talking about and coming to agreement on. It’s a fitting title because pretty much everything that seems to be coming out has a religious theme... What I want the people to know is that, for me, this is not 'cool' -- this is not a trend. This is the working power of Jesus in my life."

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Clipse's last album, "Til the Casket Drops" dropped Dec. 8, 2009. Their 2002 debut, "Lord Willin'," produced the hits "When the Last Time" and "Grindin'," which peaked on the Hot 100 at 19 and 30, respectively.

Pusha T's long-awaited solo debut, "My Name Is My Name," dropped Oct. 8 and debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.