MoRuf, 'Homie.Lover.Friend,' featuring Jesse Boykins III: Listen


Allow me to offer a taste of music from one of my favorite rising artists: MoRuf.

The New Jersey-born rapper makes his debut to the world with his new, and first official, song, "Homie.Lover.Friend." Check it out below:

MoRuf, associated with GFCnewyork, recruits singer Jesse Boykins III for the beautiful, yet brutally honest song of falling for a friend: "The vibe was cool, you knew it when our eyes meet/ It f'd me that I ain't nothing but your side piece/ You're forcing me to stay because you peepin' that I'm leaving/It hurt my heart to see that I ain't nothing but your season."

Jesse Bokins III, who co-produced the track alongside THC, soulfully croons on the hook ("Homie, lover and a friend/ This ain't nothing really but beginning of the end") and closes the track with his own twist to the hook off Usher's hit,  "U Remind Me."

"Homie.Lover.Friend" kicks off #Moovember, a series of song releases to count down till the release date of MoRuf's upcoming album due Nov. 12.

Here's a flashback to R. Kelly's own "Homie Lover Friend":